Stan in the Globe & Mail – April 30, 2018

What Scotia Wealth’s portfolio manager Stan Wong is buying and selling

April 30, 2018

Stan Wong describes himself as an active, contrarian investor, which is evident in some of his recent trading activity. The director and portfolio manager at Scotia Wealth Management has been buying Facebook on the recent dip and selling oil stocks even as the price of the commodity moves higher.

His portfolio is heavily weighted to equities, including 47 per cent in the United States, 23 per cent in Canada and the remainder international, with 10 per cent cash. “I see a runway of at least 18-to-24 months where stocks outperform bonds,” says Mr. Wong, who manages about $230-million in assets for family and business clients. “My investment philosophy is driven by the belief that an active or tactical investment strategy will outperform a passive or ‘buy and hold’ strategy.”

Three of Mr. Wong’s past equity picks from a year ago – Citigroup, Visa and SPDR Euro Stoxx ETF – have returned an average of 25 per cent over the past year. The Globe recently spoke to Mr. Wong about what he has been buying and selling and the one stock he probably should have bought, whose service his family uses almost daily…

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2018-04-30 What Scotia Wealth’s portfolio manager Stan Wong is buying & selling