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Top Picks from Stan Wong (Cineplex, Celgene, and Nike)

April 6, 2016

Cineplex is one of Canada’s leading entertainment companies operating over 160 theatres and serving over 77 million patrons annually. Cineplex shareholders benefit from the company’s dominant franchise branding, strong management and strategic execution.

Cineplex continues to benefit from a strong slate of recent and upcoming movie releases. The VIP theatre concept and strong attendance numbers have provided a meaningful lift to concession sales (which represent over 30 percent of overall revenues). As well, Cineplex’s loyalty program (Scene) has grown to over 7.3 million members. Beyond the box office business, Cineplex is strategically diversifying its revenue streams through other segments including social entertainment (The Rec Room), amusement gaming, home entertainment, media and electronic sports. Cineplex shares are low beta relative to the market and pay an attractive dividend yield of 3 percent.

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